Dali Music Festival 2009 大理音乐节

The DaLi Music Fest 2009 was held on 1st and 2nd of May 2009 in Tianlongbabu Movie Town near Dali Old Town, Yunnan Province, China – organised by Tripfabrik, Renaud Sips and William Lovell.

During the past 2 years Dali has experienced an ever growing and exciting party environment. Historically, an important international crossroad for travelers and traders, Dali fest is no exception, with artists coming from china’s mainland, south east asia, in fact worldwide. All kinds of art mediums have been flourishing throughout generations. International recognition, appeal and support of this is nurtured through creative horizons and cultural unison. With unique geography, cultural and touristic appeal, Dali offers a perfect location in China to hold an event such as this. The Dali Music Fest 2009 will be a Budget Restricted Event in order to maximize facilities rather than profit

2 unique nights of electronic live music and dj’s sets played by local and international artists coming from all over will be featured on may 1st and 2nd at the magic spot, dali movie town! from techno to drum n’ bass, dancehall to breakbeat and house, with live paintings, drum circles, fire dancing, juggling, massage, first aid and a special chillout area, those are the features all are welcomed to enjoy at one of the most enjoyful places in china, during the best time of the year …this is an event you’re not gonna want to miss!! TianLongBabu Movie Town, Ticket Price: 52 RMB/DAY, Date: May 1,2 2009

Participating Artists: Marula (Spain), Bruno, Rez [Science of Sounds] (Spain), Will Lovell [Phonicpimp] (Australia), Renaud Sips [Zaipz] (Belgium), Jonspecta (Germany), GeRoniMo (Germany), DelaCrew (Spain), Gotama [604] (Belgium), Dan Ristic [SugarFree Rec] (Serbia), Thome Tomato (USA), Zain Mehdee (USA), Dj Siku (France), Long Lei (Japan), Jeremy Elrick [Koosha] (England), Saxanation (Italy), Tripfabrik (Germany)


零九年五月一日二日,来自世界各地的知名Dj,电子音乐家将携手本地艺术家集大理电影城, 为您呈现一连两晚的视觉饕餮和电音绽放之夜。 从Techno到Drum & Bass,从Dance Hall, 到Breakbeat和House。 在这一年中最美好的季节里,这将是您绝 不想错过的一次电音盛事。活动现场将另有: 现场绘画,手鼓表演,火舞,手工市场,魔 术杂耍,按摩服务和休息区。Link to TianLongBabu Movie Town 电影城, Ticket Price 门票: 52 RMB/DAY, 电话: 5月1日,2日 2009