Vj Tripfabrik | Nrwision Nachtschicht Tv | Germany

visuals produced by tripfabrik | music by dj jonspecta

A visual-acoustic journey around the world with Dj Jonspecta and Vj Tripfabrik- 55 minutes for Nachtschicht Av TV, broadcasted on Unity Media Channels Germany in 2010. “Nachtschicht” is a special project from the makers of “Soundlab21”. It follows a tradition of existing formats shown on German TV (“Space Night”-BR & “Flow Motion”-HR). The program contains a wide range of sets within the electronic music spectrum. The Show runs 55 mins. and combines DJ Sets with diverse Visuals: Film – Photography – Art – Vj-ing, featuring Resident and Guest DJ / VJ s from in and outside Germany. The show is broadcasted across the Open Channel in the German State of North Rhein Westphalia and via online livestream.