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Phonictrip | the art of waveform

music produced by william lovell | visual performance by tripfabrik

Language is never a barrier with the art of waveform. Phonictrip is an international group of artists, combining their love of sound and visual creation. A surreal live mix of completely original electronic music, projected visual delight and junkyard drumming. Take a journey, take a Phonictrip. Touring the globe with cultural fusion. A collaboration by Will Lovell (Keyboard) and Tripfabrik (Projection). A special edition of Phonictrip will arrive at Adelaide Fringe Festival 2013, cooperating artists for our Event in Australia are Adam J Bain (Percussion) and Simon Loffler (Mapping). Stay tuned for more Information on our Fanpage!

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Phonictrip at Adelaide Fringe Festival 2013 @Higher Ground East, Fri Feb 15 2013 A small black curtained space, two performers in silhouette against a screen backdrop. William Lovell (keys) and Adam Bain (drums) play facing each other across the stage while VJ Tripfabrik’s images flash across the screen. Tonight’s performance represents an accumulation of 10 years of travel throughout the world, exploring cultures. They obviously heard great music. Deep tones from the keys and steady drumming tempo herald a subtle start that increases in intensity as more synth-driven sounds and samples are added and the beat goes polyrhythmic, in some songs looped. The sounds are visceral, funky, hard, searing and sometimes intricate, with rock-tinged jazz lurking within. The accompanying images hypnotise, changing from sunset to dawn to cityscape to forest to ancient cities. Sometimes menacing yet melodically whimsical like a Scott Walker electro cabaret, the music drives you to dance, as the pulsing beats get harder and the sub-harmonics hit your body. Final Word: Steaming. (Review written by Ian Newton)